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Cyndi Cyreigna Elliott has been studying American Tribal Style® Bellydance since 1995. She first saw American Tribal Style® (ATS®) performed at an open air market in California, and immediately fell in love. ATS® is an artistic expression of a woman's power, confidence, and femininity. For over 20 years, Cyndi has worked and studied to master this dance and bring it to others. Through her performances and classes, Cyndi strives to teach the full strength, friendship, and unity found in this dance. 

"I Respect I Eternally"

Her dance company name, Irie Tribal, is derived from the Rastafarian saying, 'Irie,' which stands for 'I Respect I Eternally,' and is a word that conveys hope and happiness--exactly the emotion Cyndi endeavors to create through ATS®.

Cyndi Cyreigna Elliott is available for Workshops/Intensives around the country and Internationally. Workshops/Intensives are designed to embrace every dancer's journey. Areas of instruction range from American Tribal Style to Tribal Improvisation to Irie's own dialect. Specific workshop/intensive topics can be designed around each troupe or individuals dancing needs to give you a custom experience, whether it be expanding your ATS® vocabulary, working on stage presence, or formations. Workshops/Intensives can be held at the Irie Studio, via Skype, or in your own Studio, she is willing to come to you! Message Cyndi for more details and an information packet. 

Contact Cyndi Cyreigna Elliott via the form below, email at  or by phone at 785-408-6412.

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