Elephants on Parade 25yd Skirt

Elephants on Parade 25yd Skirt


Fantastic Cotton 25 yard skirt is made of a high quality material that has a beautiful elegant fluffy dramatic lift when spinning and turning. Each skirt is cut, sergered, and created by Irie Tribal! Handcrafted from start to finish in the Irie studio in Auburn, Kansas!
This listing is for a Cotton Tiered 25yd Skirt handcrafted from our Swirls and Curls matches with a sweet Elephant print fabric that is a true work of art!
Wear by themselves or layer another skirt over it for added flair. Fits up to 50" at waist/hip. Customized to you length. Waist is secured with 1" elastic as well as a drawstring.

These skirts can be customized for you and your troupe!

Contact Cyndi directly to create your own unique work of art!

Please allow minimum 4 - 6 weeks for delivery.

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